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Crew member on GBR8308T Playing Around Logic

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A night of 2 halves.

As the sun set, the wind dropped to 5kts, with 90degree wind shifts! Veryintense trimming and helming, rotating every 30min to stay fresh. Still wekept moving, occasionally down to just 2kts, sometimes up to 6.

Later in the night, the wind steadied to 12kts, and speed increased as weattempted every trick we knew to extract the best speed/height from playingaround. A lovely dawn and sunrise over Banff oilfield as we passed oil ships(is that what they're called?) pulling out of the ground whatever they canfor the latest 4x4s.

Now we're steaming along at 7kts heading towards Bergen. We're waiting forthe Westerly wind shift that will take us up to Muggle Flugga, less than 250miles away!

All's well on Playing Around, oven and hob now fixed, though a few peopledid get a bit green trying to fix it. Now we can be assured of hot food atleast for the next few days. This is the last day of 'fresh'

food (ie not dried), and it has remained frozen so far. In a strange waywe're looking forward to the freeze-dried, though I'm sure that will beshort lived and we'll be wishing for Allies home cooked again.

Day 2 we averaged 170miles, so we're still overall averaging over 200miledays. Now that's quick for a 40.7 offshore, and the long range gribs areshowing some downhill conditions once we get to Ireland. Can't wait to getoff this uphill bumpy slog!

From PA crew

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