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Crew member on GBR9357T CV8 Hull & Humber

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Day three in the big orange boat and the crew are all getting used to conditions on board, life at an angle is always interesting. This is the closest I have been to home (North east England) in nine months and some welcome it gave us yesterday, storm sail conditions and three reefs was the story of the day but the crew just took it in their stride and got on with the task in hand. After the fast downwind conditions of the first day this is something of a different challenge for everyone but to their credit everyone is getting on with racing the big orange bus as hard as possible.

Today is Wednesday and the wind seems to have abated slightly, though sea state tells us of more to come but with the way the weather is at the moment its anyones guess. Sunshine and a good breeze have helped to keep everyones spirits high and Bob Marley playing on the stereo always helps, Piers keeps threatening to put on his Shania Twain collection but I've already told him I can't stop the crew from mutinying if that happens.

Anyway must stop rambling, we have a boat to race.

Ciao for now from Pierro, Alfresco, Flavio and the rest of us on Hull & Humber

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