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Crew member on GBR93 Concise 2

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We are still beating upwind, the kit bags are getting lighter as we wear layer upon layer of clothes, and the Muckle Flugga lighthouse still seems so far away. So while we wait for the Jetboil to heat some sea water to soak our food in for lunch, we have started thinking where we'd rather be right now:

Tom D - Around Muckle Flugga, heading home at 150 TWA.

Ned - Pigeon Beach, Antigua, with a cocktails and some decent food

Dan - Cuddled up in bed with 3 1/2 week old baby and missus, cup of tea in hand

Tristan - Sailing the Caribbean 600 race and then getting steaming drunk in the Mad Mongoose (after an espresso martini first, of course)

Jess - At anchor off Rottnest Island, Western Australia. A book and a glass of red.

Tom G - In bed with the missus

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