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Crew member on GBR8407R Encore

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Encore Blog Thuirsday 25 August #3 or #1 has been the question for most of the last 24hrs but the breeze keeps holding. Can't be too bad, crew and boat still dry and everyone content going upwind as the conditions moderate and we look for more speed. Full marks to our watermaker and Jim McDonald at Mactra. We now feel we can rely on it and there is taslk of showers if we ever get the kite up! Roll on Muckle Flugga. Currently closer to Norway than Scotland and passing an astonishing number of rigs. There is a whole offshore city out here. Dolphins came to play this afternoon. Our identification skills dont tell us if they are really dolphins of porpoises or pilot whales. No matter great to have visitors playing in the bow wave. Fingers crossed that the weather follows the forecast in the next few hours and our routing works out.


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