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Crew member on GBR100 Artemis Ocean Racing

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Well we have a very busy morning on Artemis. After a windless day yesterday, the night was better, until we got to St Kilda. Then the breeze just shut down, so we have had up, the genoa, code zero, big chute, and now again the code zero! A lot of work, but we have managed to keep moving, and have just got into more pressure. The light winds did however give us a chance to drop the furling Solent and carry out a repair to a big section of the upper leech that had split.

Lucky to have the time and conditions to do this as we will for sure need the sail for any upwind or reaching conditions. Anyway, the boys have just about finished, and we will then re-hoist and lash the head, and hope that it holds out to the finish.

Our water situation had become quite worrying, and even after many hours spent trying to fix the thing [the watermaker], we have not not had a drop out of her for days, and have been rationing pretty hard. So this morning, we had a little bit of luck and managed to get over 10 litres of fresh water in a squall!! Nice... only the squall sucked all the wind away and left us with 2 knots of wind!! Good and bad, but at least we can eat and drink again.

Apart from that, all is good on board, are we are determined to get the old girl moving again and make some gains on the fleet. It has been a fantastic race so far, and very close on handicap throughout, and hopefully we can make a move back up the leader board over the next day.

Cheers, from Jonny, and all onboard Artemis Ocean Racing


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