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Crew member on GBR93 Concise 2

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1330 27 August 2008

The Mystery of the Missing Sleeping Bag.

Last night, around 0200 Concise 2 tacked onto starboard to begin her journey back South. In accordance to Class 40 rules we transferred the stack down below. Half an hour later, a disturbed and troubled crew member was wandering up and down, left and right around the boat, rummaging through the stack, through the foodbags, and under other asleep crew. 'Where is my sleeping bag?', cried Justin. The innocent little bag was nowhere to be seen. Hiding? Washed overboard? Or was there foul play afoot?

Was it Jess, the navigator, trying to cushion her beanbag just a little bit more?

Was it Ned, the skipper, who could persuade Justin to stay on the helm longer if he had no bed to go to?

Or was it Justin himself who concocted a double-pass to extract sympathy and more hot chocolate?

Justin forlornly proclaimed it lost and huddled in his Musto HPX overnight, mumbling unhappily in his sleep.

This morning, around 1100, Tom Dawson was foraging for food. Nik Naks - the special treat at yesterday's happy hour - were what he was craving. Tom parted the stack bags, cast aside the food bags, and dived into the starboard locker. And there, floating amongst the crisps, was the missing sleeping bag.

Justin was overwhelmed with the discovery and says the now he is 'much happier about life'.

The suspects were released without further questioning. The sleeping bag was dried and aired on the main traveller this morning and has now been returned to its owner. The case is now closed.

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