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Crew member on GBR76R John Merricks II

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John Merricks II - trimmer Peter Knight reports from the BKA contingent on board.

We are just off the top half of Scotland, west of the Orkneys heading towards Ireland. Currently moving between rain clouds to get a bit more breeze under the rain. We have an idea where the other boats are and we think we are doing quite well. We just hope we get lifted into the next mark rather than headed by the wind.

We had quite a hard first few days, but yesterday and today have been a bit more relaxed so we're taking the time to clean out downstairs. Currently I'm on my standby watch - half of us are on deck hiking on the rail the other half are doing some maintenance and generally cleaning up down downstairs.

Morale generally is very high at the moment - probably because we've got a bit of sun rather than just rain and wind!

Unfortunately rounding Muckle Flugger it was just getting dark and there was a lot of fog so we couldn't really see anything - I can't really say from experience as I was asleep at the time - I think there was a mild celebration to be at the top but we all thought it would be easy from then on but since we've got round we've found it's all more up wind. I think the big celebration will be when we come off the wind when we get to the next mark.

Sleep has been an issue - but it was more so when it was windy. Every three days each watch gets two lots of three hours off during the day so we're now rolling through that - I had two three hours session off yesterday so I'm pretty relaxed now and today the other watches are having a more easy time of it. We're just trying to stock up before our next serious blow. We are expecting some more serious wind - hopefully we will get it so we can get round a bit quicker.

We've gained quite a lot on Tonnerre overnight - if the wind stays as it is we'll carry on gaining into fourth we hope.

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