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Crew member on GBR1429L British Soldier

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DAY 3 - WED 25 AUG 10

All's well on board British Soldier. If you're reading this then we're been successful in getting the steam driven satphone working! Hopefully there'll be a GRIB file waiting for us too.

After a busy and windy afternoon/night yesterday, with 40 knots+ in some of the squalls, we incurred some damage to the main resulting in it having to come down for a number of hours so the bolt rope could be stitched. Consequently we lost a number of hours whilst sailing with the trysail and No 4. Anyway it's been repaired and appears to be holding. Our luck seems to be better than Incisor who suffered a knockdown and we believe have had to retire.

Today we've been on a one sided beat pretty much all day into about 15 knots of wind. The breeze is reasonably unsteady at the moment so not much point tacking in the headers. Have caught up with Alicia (IRC0) who now sit about a mile off to starboard and sailing slightly deeper. Fingers crossed the wind will back round to the east so that we can start reaching again.

Just parallel to the entrance to the Firth of Forth (Edinburgh) and approx 90 miles offshore. Muckle Fludda (North Shetland) is approx 290 miles away.

Yesterday BS clocked up 223 miles in the 1st 24 hrs of the race, averaging 9.3 knots. In the 48 hrs since the race begun we have clocked 400 miles on the log. At the time of writing (by the time I've finished on this infernal rubber keyboard it will probably be considerably less) the GPS is telling us that we've only got 1385 NM to go.

That's it, other than to say that down below the boat is beginning to hum - too many wet bodies and too little space (and personal hygiene!).


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