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Crew member on GBR1429L British Soldier

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DAY 4 - THU 26 AUG 10 - 0915 HRS

The upwind pounding continues with BS close hauled in 16 knots of breeze whist maintaining an average speed of 7.8 knots. Full main and Code 3. Currently 92 miles due east of Peterhead, with approx 196 miles to Mucke Fladda. GPS gives us an ETA of mid morning tomorrow. So far we've sailed 512 mils along the rhumb line with 1288 NMto go. Actually we've sailed slightly further though the water, clocking up 552 miles on the log.

Our porridge breakfast this morning was sabotaged by one of the crew who has refused to own up, although we have our suspicions. Porridge oats and bilge water had already combined to make an interesting mess which no-one was brave enough to try. If we catch the culprit, then a Court Martial is expected. No legal advice out here and no requiement for referral to Services' Proecution Authority - we'll just make it up (who doesn't?)!. As a result, Day 14 breakfast has taken a hit - let's hope we don't need it.

Crew are in fine form and comfortably into that routine where the off watch read books in between sleep. First sign of a toothbrush last night and plenty of 'Glasgae showers' though!

Had an interesting trip through the oilfields last night. Plenty to look at and the guard ships call up for nothing more than a chat. Alicia still to starboard at 4 miles and slightly ahead, although considerably further downwind than we are. We should converge at the top, although we intend to tack back to the rhumb line later this afternoon in order to pick up the wind backing through to the west. Well that's the plan....


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