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Crew member on GBR9793T Cheeki Rafiki

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Blue watch are back in business, with red watch on a well earned break till 2200. Even young 'I don't sleep much' Steve is snoozing.

An excellent stitch and patch job from red watch got the JT back into use for a while but now we're up wind again we have the light nr 1 up.

Dinner was pasta, beans and meat balls, perfectly cooked by Ken who really shouldn't be allowed near an oven. Only one complaint about the beans, but we'll put that down to Gareth's poor taste. Dishwasher got left behind again so it was the salt water in the bucket solution with Ken on the fairy liquid and Steve on the towel.

Steve's lost his fastnet coat, its on the list with the gorilla tape, Ken has not got it..

Gary is back on nav. With Brett on the helm and Skipper Gareth trimming and generally trying to get the boat going faster. Ken's doing the intelligent ballast impression, looking forward to the next session on helm.

Lovely sunset with the near full moon in the east. Wind has eased too much, making helming tricky, aiming to head north. There's another racer on our east beam horizon but too far to identify.

We're east of Edinburgh, near the forties oil field in the 'f******' north sea according to navman Gary!

Hope these blogs work, they're full of bits and bollocks but if the skipper wants a blog we'll see what we can.

Still looking forward to seeing the Muckle flugger where we'll hopefully get a signal to sent this junk and pick up some weather data.

Getting dark and cooling now as the very final sunset glow slips away and the moon shadows strengthen. Beautiful evening with the gentle sounds of the sea, blending with the after effects of the beans.

Winds picking up with 9 knots and some promising clouds ahead. Makes for a magic night.


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