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Crew member on GBR9793T Cheeki Rafiki

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We on blue watch have just finished our 2200 till 0200 shIft.

Red watch have come on and gone straight to a sail change to the m/h nr 1, as the wind is now below 7 knots and the nr 3 is no longer performing well. This makes for 6 sail changes in the last 24 hours.

Overnight we continued our tack to the west. Earlier in the evening we were at one point 120miles from both scotland and Norway. We then tacked to head north when the bearing to the top of Shetland was a sailable 355 degrees.

We now have 160 miles to go to the top of Shetland, so we should be rounding Shetland around 0800hrs on the 28th,

Our last shift from 2200hrs has been dominated by views of the absolutely massive oil and gas platforms, including a close encounter with one of the huge search and rescue vessels, a 268ft monster according to the AIS. Their spotlight turned our night into day whilst they satisfied their curiosity.

Interesting chat overnight, ranging from Shroedingers kittens, to Stephen Hawkins and Katie Melua, then passing through literal drift to the computer on Red Dwarf. The usefulness of the Russian language also got a mention.

The joke book hasn't reappeared for some time.

Red shift with Nick. Steven, John and Martin will now continue to work us through the oilfields until we take over again from 0600 until 1200. We'll be able to start by picking up a weather report on the long wave radio that Martin produced earlier. We are far too raf offshore for the VHF so it'll be interesting to see if we can decipher the long wave crackle.

This is such a vast place that my admiration, but not envy, for the fishing guys I grew up with in Scarborough grows by the day.

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