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Crew member on GBR9793T Cheeki Rafiki

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And red shift just did a record breaker for us (blue) to beat, covering 49Nm on the 6hrs from 1200 to 1800hrs. We (blue watch) took on the challenge and sailed straight into force 6's, no excuses though, the red boys won the day.

The wind picked up from 1800, still north west with heavy cumulus in the near and far distance giving wind shear headaches for the helm.

We're on the nr 3 sail now following red shifts sail change around 1400hrs.

The shetlands are visible in low cloud on the port horizon. They looked beautiful as the sunset, but clearly tough place to live.

Before the watch change we had a long discussion about our course between Nick, Gary, Ken and John trading off the options, keeping tight to Shetland on 350 or being cautious on 000. We went for 000 knowing we can review later. This took is 8nm east of. The Skerries lighthouse , we then headed best to wind going hard for Lamba.

Great meal half way through from Gareth.

A really lively helming game if you like belting towards the squalls in poor visibility!

Got a text from my son reminding us to take a hard left soon! They are obviously watching the track back home.

Red watch are back on now with Nick on the helm aiming to get us to the top. We'll take over again at 0200, to finish the job and head round the top before looking for Ireland.

What an amazing race.

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