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Captains Log 0630 28 August 2010

Woo hoo, we have come out of a small squall and have sighted the South tip of the Shetland Islands. Only 70 miles to go now before turning the corner to head home.

I wonder how far ahead the soldiers and our friends on Encore are! We are all waiting with baited breath to find out what time Playing Around and Cheeki Rafiki went round Muckle Flugger. It took 20 hours to get back to the spot where we suspended racing, so this is where we find out if we have made any gains.

The sun is coming out, we have 14 knots of wind and we are pointing right at the waypoint. Morale is in tip top shape, I mean how could we not be enjoying this, it is just brillaint to be up here relishing the crisp Arctic (well feels like it)conditions.

There is so much to savour out here and we are quite privelaged to have the opportunity. To think that many years ago people had to be press ganged before being convinced to escape to sea! Now we do it volunarily for fun!

Just had the shipping forecast for our area. F5 -7 W to NW. Vis Mod Sea State Mod to rough. Looks like it may get bumpy! At least it is in a good

(ish) direction.

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