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Crew member on GBR93 Concise 2

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1000 28 August 2010

With the mystery of the missing sleeping bag resolved, yesterday afternoon passed in a happy haze of easy sailing, magazine reading and good tunes playing. Of course the bliss couldn't last forever.

Last night we sailed through an impressive trough. It wasn't impressive at the time, however, it was downright frustrating. The breeze swung a massive 200 degrees to the left under a ginormous black cloud. The sea room we carefully saved above the rhumb line all day was eaten away as our course tracked SW->S->SE->E and the wind speed dawdled down to 2.8 kts.

We stayed there for a while, unable to tack without more pressure and no end in sight to this cloud. We tacked at some stage, although at times it was hard to tell if we were on port or starboard.

Three to four hours later (though it felt a year) the breeze started to flick back a little. Flick, flick. Then boom - a huge downpour of heavy rain - and the wind swung back around 200 degrees to the right within minutes. 6-10kts. As we struggled to get the Code Zero down we discovered our boat was actually pointing back towards the Shetlands. COG 30 degrees magnetic~!

The trough ended and the high pressure began at about 0330. A six hour struggle. We are now moving forwards over the course again, just off the Flannan Isles, and Miss Nav can get some sleep.

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