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Crew member on GBR1429L British Soldier

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DAY 6 - SAT 28 AUG 2010 - 1200 HRS

It's official - British Soldier rounded the top of the country (Muckle Fludda) early yesterday evening Very beautiful and remote, although it could have been any point along the Devon/Cornish south coast, except it was freezing! Toasted the rounding with a cup of red wine with scoff (Army rations again) and whisky in the hot chocolate. Various bottles had to be carefully hidden just in case...

Rounded the top with Encore a couple of miles ahead. Over hauled them in next to no time and now they appear to have slipped behind over the horizon. Unless of course they've gone in search of more favourable wind? All we need to do is extend our lead over the water and get ahead of them on corrected. time. We're perfectly happy where we are. Reaching along on Starboard doing approx 8.5 knots+ in 15 knots of NWstly breeze. Slightly to the left of the rhumb line although we're slowly converging. Should be at the next mark (Sula Sgeir) for supper tonight and then fingers crossed to St Kilda for breakfast tomorrow. So far we've covered 954 miles through the water, whilst the GPS shows us as having completed 837 miles with a further 965 NM to go. Sula Sgeir marks the halfway point.

First taste of porridge this morning following an earlier sabotage attempt. Most had it with treacle, but Paul, our first mate and resident jock on board, had it with Tabasco. Despite attempts to convince us that it tasted "great," no-one obliged. At least we can sympathise with hi Scottish counterpart, the Haggis - one leg longer than the other would definitely be an advantage to our helmsman. (Jamie - foot chocks please! Slip tape works great, but it's like constantly walking down a steep hill in a pair of 'great' Army boots. All helms are complaining of pressure sores and the occasional blister - ahh, bless 'em!)

It would appear that we have an international following. Riki, a Para currently serving in Afghanistan, sadly couldn't make it back to take part in the race, so is following us from Helmand instead when he's back in off patrol; Sheila (that's her real name honest!) is tracking us from down under, whilst Paul's friend is watching from Malta. To those of you who have emailed us on the boat, we have replied to every one, but we're led to believe that not all our replies are getting through. We'll keep trying.

That's all for the mo. Glorious sunshine and blue skies on deck, slightly cold, but great sailing conditions nevertheless. Is that Alicia (1st 50) we see on the horizon ahead? Next blog from the westernmost outpost of the British Army (St Kilda and the Air Defenders missile tracking station) except for the British Defence Liaison Staff in Washington. That would be too far...


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