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Crew member on GBR100 Artemis Ocean Racing

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Well, it has been a pretty difficult day today... we have had a hard time in light winds which have slowed our progress a little.

It is always difficult watching the guys behind make big gains on you, and we have been trying not to focus on that. They are having a good run in stronger breeze, and that's life I guess! We had a blazing reach after St.Kilda which put us at the top of IRC overall, which was fantastic. Unfortunately we have lost that now as the guys on Tonnerre and Ambersail are putting up a very good fight indeed. Also John B, and the guys on John Merricks have been making the whole thing very interesting.

There is still a long way to go and we are just trying to sail our race now, as we can still hope for the IMOCA record - still just looks possible on the routing, and to break our old course record, which Groupama seems about to obliterate!!

So far it has been a fantastic race, but we are looking forward to getting in soon! The freeze dried is all tasting the same now, and the lack of water has meant NO cups of tea! Also, the smells emanating from within the boat, are very unpleasant - I guess we are quite used to them now, so whoever comes to meet us had better beware!!...

OK, thats all for now, must go as we have a big night and a long day ahead tomorrow.

Jonny and the crew onboard Artemis Ocean Racing


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