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1900 28 August 2010

Facts about St. Kilda

(True or False)

1. It is one of the UK's most remote settlements.

2. The seagulls there are so big they take on the size of an adult human.

3. The settlement was abandoned just before WWI because they all moved to Benidorm.

4. One day in St. Kilda is a week in the real world.

5. The cliffs are the largest sea cliffs in the UK.

6. The Stig enjoys base jumping holidays in St Kilda in the winter.

7. The annual Scottish High Diving Competition is held there every year, but nobody can be bothered to get there.

8. Gulliver went to St Kilda as part of his Travels, but didn't like because it smelt of mushrooms.

9. Strong magnetic anomalies exist within 10 miles of St. Kilda.

10. An Australian Rules Football team is named after St. Kilda because they want to look tough.

11. Osama bin Laden is living in a cave with the sea bird colony. That's why no-one can find him.

12. Whisky brewed on St. Kilda can fetch up to 10,000 pounds a bottle.

13. It is said that St. Kilda is the retirement home of leprecorns and sea monsters. The Loch Ness monster moved there because of the cheap rent.

14. There are two rival goat families on the peak of Conachair. Because they are rivals they don't cross-breed, so all goats in St Kilda are inbred. Their goatees just keep getting longer.

15. Ron Jeremy once filmed a movie there.

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