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Crew member on GBR8407R Encore

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Blimey that was a night! There we were worrying about weather a few days ahead and we hadn't spotted what was coming, - as we were approaching Skula Sgeir it started to feel like time for #3 and as we were doing the change there was suddenly loads of wind ( our instruments are a bit uncertain) - after a lot of work and very cold wet crew we ended up rolling along bare headed with 3 reefs in the main. We've just rounded St Kilda with the sun shining , porpoises playing round the bow, and British Soldier and Alicia aka Team Styrboard in site, which is pretty amazing itself. A spinnaker has just gone up for the first time in the trip, and a somewhat rested crew are feeling good as we head for Ireland. Looks like the wind might get soggy tomorrow, maybe at least we'll get a chance to dry out and make and mend.


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