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Crew member on GBR8308T Playing Around Logic

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What can we say? 24 hrs go we we're just surviving, changing helms every 30mins, everyone down below. Now we're using our brains and top sailing skill to escape the clutches of this incoming high, extracting every last ounce of speed from PA. At one point down a very large wave we hit 19.9kts on the GPS. Not that we were trying to go any faster at that point. We even had a warp trailing...

The sleigh ride down past st Kilda was beautiful, crew slowly making the transition from survival to racing. we deliberately put the jibtop up early (from storm jib) to shake ourselves out of our previous thinking.

Quite hairy as we were over-canvassed in the big waves, but made a difference to our speed by almost 2kts.

You can probably see our strategy now is to go far East, and like buffalo bill, go "round the outside". We can see those who went west have slowed, and wedon't think will get going for some time. it won't look good for some time on the skeds, but watch our boatspeed and lets see the result in 24hrs.

Mood now is one of intense concentration, the crew have been superb in knuckling down, everyone doing there bit on what ever they can. The top sailors have spent more time on deck firstly on pure survival now top trimming & strategy, while others have made sure the running of the boat, food etc has been as smooth as possible. Total teamwork, and everyone has pushed their corners of endurance and performance.

We're thinking about whether our dear old no3 should be given a true sailor's burial at sea with honours, or brought home in its bag.

It has served PA and everyone on board well.

There is so much of this race left to go. Now we're flying along on large Asail and full main with 7-10kts of breeze at 5-7kts. The sea has warmed up thank goodness. Thermal layers are being discarded, not just because they are wet!

Just seen our first boat for over 24hrs - a fishing trawler!

gotta go and check tides


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