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Crew member on GBR8407R Encore

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Day 8 and today’s Encore Blog comes from a new source, I could talk about the navigators personal issues with direction after putting his trousers on back to front twice, but will refrain, I could talk about the bow teams unhealthy interest in seagull’s or one of our resident Frenchmen’s ability to lose items of clothing along the west coast of Scotland, should I discuss the excitement at eating freeze dried food? No....... Instead I will discuss the skippers about nine hour search for his woolly hat which I have been accused of stealing purely on the basis that I own a hat of the same type, I would like to point out that I am entirely innocent of any charges and have now hidden my hat to prevent retaliatory strikes.....oh and well done to Steven who also spent the nine hours repairing the number 3 whilst searching for his hat.

Anon watch leader Encore

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