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Crew member on GBR93 Concise 2

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1940 30 August 2010

We haven't written a blog today because we are having too much fun going upwind. We are terribly glad that RORC didn't see the forecast and finish us at Fastnet Rock and hold the party at Cork, because we have been enjoying sailing across the Celtic Sea for 12 hours now and are happy to see that our time and and distance to Bishop Rock doesn't seem to have changed.

Yesterday's conditions of a sunny 20 knots behind us as we zoomed downwind past the spectacular Irish coast just didn't cut the mustard.

As the boats ahead slip away in a different weather window, we are faced with a 400 mile beat in 8-13 kts of a rare E'ly. After the near 500 mile beat North to the Shetlands a few days ago, Concise 2 is ecstatic about this opportunity. Our fat bottomed Class 40 just loves this stuff.

Another advantage of this situation is that it gives us an opportunity to make progress through the extra food bags. Chunky Chicken with Chilli, anyone? Hope all you guys at RORC aren't having too much fun without us. See you in about a week.

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