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Crew member on GBR8308T Playing Around Logic

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We've damaged our no 1 again, same issue due to crossed halyards. Hopefully we can repair it enough for the lighter winds we are expecting shortly.

Otherwise all well. Looks like we went too far East. We were hoping to cross before the high got to us. If we did so we would have had downwind conditions all the way to Black Rock. Unfortunately it swallowed us up, and then there was nothing we could do. Fortunately it released us all around the same time. In this scenario we knew we would be left in a more upwind position than others in the fleet, but as the wind has more S in it than forecast boats like Boy Soldier have still managed to close reach to the BlackRock. otherwise we'd be looking better. Excuses, excuses, ... and forecasts!

We've been joined by lots of dolphins, lovely to see them. Not a significant amount of other shipping around in this area of the world. Sun is shining, lovely wind and we're charging along under #4 and reefed main. So nice to warm up, such a big difference to the far North Atlantic. Did you know that Muckle Flugga is further North than Cape Horn is South? Passing areas of Donegal, what a stunning landscape in the dawn light. We've even had some crew wanting to pass up their time on the helm to see it.

The spin cycle is now back on, maybe we had a power cut. at least the powers that be decided on a light cycle, not a heavy wash for us so far today. Probably because we had a clean up yesterday?

Back to sail repair, few other minor fixes and then sleep. Our routine is sleep/sail/fix, shovelling in food during the gaps. The real heros on board are those that frequently work down below, quietly getting food/drink when needed, cleaning up, without complaints in the tough and wet conditions. Sometimes a thankless task but so important to our well being and capability to drive the team forward in top condition. Thanks guys.

Juno, Gareth says Happy Birthday! Present is in the post, honest. We watched him post it as we went round MF. At least we think he was posting something overboard as he was leaning out feeding the fish..

Spirits are high, and sailing hard

Playing Around xxx

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Managing Director

Sailing Logic Ltd

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