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Crew member on GBR93 Concise 2

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A Blog About Bog

31 August 2010

It is difficult to come up with an interesting topic for a blog on Concise 2, because 98% of conversations onboard are about poo. The five guys onboard have had more discussions than I ever thought possible about bowel movements. This includes: best technique over a bucket, best technique over the back of the boat, how tonight's dinner will affect tomorrow's movements, how a particular crew member is more 'loose' than another, about toilet paper techniques, about whether to talcum powder or not, about how often is best, about how good the first one ashore will be, ... about just about anything... as long as it's about poo.

When I woke up from short nap half an hour back, I interrupted yet another conversation about poo technique. And, when I suggested a blog topic about food or ports of the world or sailing, I was met with only blank looks.

It should be noted for anyone not familiar with Concise 2, that there is no head. The black bucket has been our trusty friend these past eight days, which is perhaps why this topic is in the forefront of our minds. Or perhaps all boys talk about this all the time at sea, and I'm just lucky that in the last few years I haven't been as inundated with it as I am now. The rest of the crew assure me that most guys find it fascinating.

In an attempt to not talk about poo: in the last 24 hours we've bashed our way upwind across the Celtic Sea, dodged a few ships, said hello to the Lizard, and have now tacked out towards the middle of the English Channel. This upwind work feels painfully slow because nobody has ever had to beat to the East in the Channel before. Usually it's an A3 up from Fastnet to Scillies, then an A2 home.

Still, at least we have breeze (and a bucket).

-Jessica Sweeney

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