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Crew member on GBR1429L British Soldier

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DAY 7 - MON 30 AUG 10 - 2359 HRS

Well you couldn't get two better contrasting days. Yesterday was spent clinging on in white foamy seas trying to avoid the breakers, whilst today has been spent ghosting along in 2 knots of breeze counting jelly fish. After all the fun and excitement of the race so far, today was going to be a test for our concentration and light airs skills. Throughout the day we were fortunate enough to keep the boat moving in the right direction. We had elected to stay out further west because that's where the GRIB files had indicated slightly more breeze. The day was a useful reminder of what is meant by the term 'light and variable.' The crew were in high spirits, the banter relentless, whilst British Soldier resembled more of a washing line than a racing yacht. Suffice to say everything is dry, if not a little bit stale.

By 1900 hrs the new expected wind began to fill in from the east. Those boats on our left will probably proffer the most, although perhaps they had taken their hit during the day in thee lighter stuff. Anyway, we're now close hauled in about 12 knots with Black Rock some 50 miles off. It will be good to see the Irish coast. One third of the race to go and everything to play for!


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