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DAY 8 - TUE 31 AUG 10 - 2000 HRS

Aagh! Another frustrating day on BS, ghosting along the coast of Ireland in little breeze and wondering how the opposition are fairing likewise. The only slight contrast to yesterday's bake in the sun is slightly more breeze and the beautiful Irish coastline to look at, although we're glad to see the back of the Black Rock! At the time of removing the skin from my finger tips on this rubber keypad, we're currently close hauled in 10 knots of breeze averaging approx 7 knots of boat speed.

Life remains on board relatively sane. No major concerns with regards to rations, gas or water, although some interesting combinations are beginning to appear which weren't listed on the original victualling plan. We're out of Tabasco (although Paul, the 1st Mate keeps producing his own reserve which looks decidedly like our missing spare bottle); coffee has been rationed to the over 28s (that's the skipper and 1st Mate only) and if we don't get in before Friday, then it's Vesta curry for breakfast, lunch and supper on Sat and Sun - nice!

So far we covered 1495 NM through the water. GPS says we've covered 1262 NM, with 540 NM to go. It's amazing how quickly time has flown and how comfortable the routine has become with all days blending into the next. No major incidents with the Watches today, although the usual banter continues and going on deck off watch has become a test of nerve for those willing to run the gauntlet.

That's it for the moment. We're looking forward to our 20 knot + bash across the Irish Sea and then up the Channel.


P.S. Someone tells me 'Playing Around Logic' has referred to us as 'Boy Soldier' on their blog. I hope they're not being unkind - with 5 Afghan tours, 12 Iraq tours and numerous other operational tours under our belts, there are NO boys on BS.

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