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Crew member on GBR93 Concise 2

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1850 01 September 2010

As we make our way up to St. Catherine's Point, our thoughts on Concise 2 naturally turn from ocean passages and record breaking to homecomings and life upon land.

So the question is, where are we - six stinky people living in cramped 2m x 4m quarters that are never still and never dry - going to be this time next week??

Tom G - right here onboard Concise 2 for a corporate day (he can't stay away)

Dan - at home near Brighton changing nappies and feeding chickens

Tom D - working on Bob, the Farr 52, fixing whatever they are going to break on the RORC Cherboug Race this weekend

Tristan - walking around the Yorkshire Dales amongst the ponies with gorgeous girlfriend

Jess - in Porto Cervo sailing on a maxi yacht in the sunshine

Ned - at uni in Oxford finishing off his Architecture degree

Even though we've said the above, given our tacking angle up the Channel against the tide we may still be out here this time next week trying to finish the race!

Please keep the champagne on ice, it might be quite a few hours yet.

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