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Crew member on GBR9357T CV8 Hull & Humber

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31 Aug Hull & Humber.

The northwest coast of Ireland greeted us this morning, with no signs of Leprechaun or Guinness the crew of Hull & Humber continued to occupy their thoughts with the cat and mouse game with John B, an ever present threat on the horizon.

Becalmed and drifting past Black Rock left starboard watch wandering what exactly port watch had achieved other than eating large quantities of custard creams and cake. After a period of time inspecting Black Rock from every angle, the sea breeze kicked in and we have made some progress South along the stunning coast line with the spinnaker flying.

The woolly-mammoth efforts of mother duty continued with the Hull & Humber Master chef competition reaching new heights today, with Patrick and Colin producing 3 loaves of bread and cake to boot.

With light winds forecast the crew waits with baiting breath for the next gourmet experience! And hopefully some more wind!

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