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Crew member on GBR8308T Playing Around Logic

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Firstly, I must start this piece by way of an apology. In a previous blog a little typo crept in whilst being bounced up and down on the waves, and "..the boys of British Soldier" accidentally got shortened to something less complementary. As we know you are reading this, guys (& girls?), no offence intended - sorry. We are aware that many of you have served time in Afghanistan recently.

We've made a dive south here in the Celtic Sea, looking for the favourable S shift. Have we gone far enough or too far? time will tell.

Meanwhile, these bumpy upwind conditions are far from pleasant, living at 45degrees. We expect now to be on Stbd tack for at least 18hrs and the heads (nautical term for toilet) only works on Port tack much to the consternation of the ladies aboard. Last night felt cold again, though we know this is largely due to the apparant wind being so high as we sail upwind.

Last night the wind rose to 25kts and as we left the Irish coast the waves started to build. Nothing spectacular, but coming over the coachroof giving everyone a good drenching, Those nice fresh socks (last

pair) went on yesterday afternoon are now sopping wet. Well, bliss for a couple of hours. One or 2 crew members had visions of Sula Sugheir returning, but fortunately it turned out to be nothing of the sort.

Every time we switch on the engine to charge batteries and make water, schools of dolphins come over. Whilst we are maybe 60miles from the nearest land, the sea is full of life and warm. Last night we got an amazing halo around the moon (can any of you tell us what it was?) and a full night's sky of stars. Simply a stunning place to be.

As the wind rises and falls a little in strength, we put in/shake out reefs, change between #2 and #4 headsails. At night the crew work tirelessly with the Atlantic high pressure hose on full power in their faces, pulling up/down sails, flaking them neatly (i've been told it was neat when it went in the bag) before flaking out themselves in the lee-cloths on top of one another for a few hours kip.

And the cabin staff? Chateau Briandt with a fine Claret was on the menu, sadly they couldn't find it in the provisions (where did it go?) so we settled for boil in the bag. An excellent compromise. Some just had shortbread and cold snacks...fresh from the bottom of the washing machine.

We're now down to the real long term food, as UHT milk has dried up

(literally) so cereal won't taste quite as great now.

Thanks for all the advice, esp on food and nutrition. We'll bear it in mind before we set off next time. The alarm stopped on the engine, but is back now, so definately salty water in the electrics somewhere. At least not a major problem.

Love from all on PA x

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