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Crew member on GBR1429L British Soldier

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DAY 9 - WED 1 SEP 10 - 2300 HRS

Well here we are in familiar BS territory, approx 30 miles SW of the Fastnet Rock bashing into a south easterly Force 4 heading towards Bishop's Rock (Isles of Scilly) - nothing is very easy. The boat is behaving impeccably - full Main and No 3 and cracking along at average speeds of 7.5 knots+. GPS is telling us 385 NM to the finish. although we expect to cover a few more miles with this current forecast. Finish Sat pm?

The crew remain in high spirits and it's only after a while that you begin to identify individual and group idiosyncrasies/oddities. Port Watch, for example, like to start the day with a tube of Pringles, whilst Starboard have a particular penchant for personal hygiene, almost to a man insisting on taking a salt water shower every day, regardless of weather and angle of heel. What they do share in common is a mutual lack of trust; suspicious and accusing of the others every move, especially concerning food and the timing of sail changes which always seems to be left to the new oncoming watch.

I think that's enough from me - this isn't very comfortable and it's time to coax the Satphone out of it's cosy bag. Thanks Riki in Afghanistan for the offer of a missile strike on our closest rival. We'll have to turn you down on that one in case of infringement of Racing Rule of Sailing (RRS) 41 - No outside assistance permitted. Nice thought though - thanks.


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