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DAY 10 - THU 2 SEP 10 - 2200 HRS

The longest beat in history? Well not quite, but definitely the longest beat of the race across the Irish Sea to Bishops Rock and the Isles of Scilly. Plenty of wind (uncanny that it chose the exact bearing of the rhumb line) and water to look at, but not much else. Life on BS continues at a pace - still driving the boat as fast as we can into the crashing seas. Everything down below is damp and following a mishap with the remaining coffee jar (almost inducing a near fit in the 1st Mate), coffee in the bilges means that BS has taken on a definitive coffee house aroma. Whilst this particular brand of frappucino is not my cup of tea, it has rather replaced the pungent odour of damp bodies and poor aiming drills in the heads.

Morale remains worrying high. Starboard watch are quietly reserved, with a steely professional edge above and below decks, whilst Starboard have become a tadge more rebellious, adopting a devil may care attitude, especially when serving up porridge/rice/pasta that may or may not (they refuse to cooperate) have been contaminated with bilge water. A coffee twang will surely give away their secret? Further, they have taken to singing loudly (and badly) a range of songs on the rail. Their repeteoire includes songs from 1980's Children's TV programmes, the occasional poorly remembered song from Queen to the more traditional 'A vow to me thy country.' Singing was banned after their 2nd rendition of Christmas Carols....

So with 270 miles left out of this 1800 mile epic, we're looking forward to getting home. Who knows where the opposition are, but let's hope that wherever they are that we're pulling away.


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