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Crew member on GBR9793T Cheeki Rafiki

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Red watch came on 0200 - 0600hrs

The red watch guys were struggling to get up for the watch change. All are really tired and after several attempts we fail to raise the blissfully sleeping Steven, Martin, Nick and John.

We resort to a musical interlude.

The dolphins must have loved this, it was not 'hi-brow'.

Blue watch, Gareth, Ken, Gary, Brett pushing the boat as hard as possible, into thick mist, the hazards of black rock and the tankers in the separation zone dead ahead, all to the sound of Elton John's philadelphia freedom and lucy in the sky with diamonds. Love it!

Red watch woke up.

We missed Bishops Rock and are now en route aiming for the Lizard. Puma Logic is now long gone.

Other race boats are appearing on the AIS system but unseen in the mist.

Blue watch returned 0600- 1200hrs trying to remember why they are on a boat.

Breakfast porridge receives a mixed response. The heavier, less sophisticated, clay like consistency not a winner amongst the fussier members of the crew, even with sultanas. They don't know they are born you know,!.

The morning is misty and damp following a perfect sunrise. Puma Logic pulls ahead a further boat length as Rafiki is lined up for the perfect sunrise shots (photographs) over the bow.

And for younger readers, including Ben and Adam Perry, we have an update on the happy ending for our long lost limp lettuces letticia and lolita.

The rumour these drifting,( rather past their prime), salads were providing the extra wind for Puma Logic is apparently untrue. A cultural question is explored as we muse over being beaten by the French skipper Philippe on Puma logic.. Can you have lettuce in croissants?

Thankfully the limp legumes (?) have now given the trawler men from Cork the slip. They were last seen happily bobbing their way to warmer (these are not iceland lettuce)waters. They aim to set up a new lettuce patch on the island of Koz, Greece.

We are now heading east on a 75deg heading. The tactical options are to do with how far inshore or out to go, bearing in mind the tides and the need to eat on time..

We have not seen any other race boats so far, however we are very aware that Beluga is off our port bow in the mists.

The 'Rafiki's got talent' competition looks like being poorly attended. We are not sure why.

Gary hopes to wow the expert audience, tea makers and judges (Nick and Ken) with his not so famous, 'I know a chicken that I want to pluck' sketch. Martin is to be approached for his disturbing musings on, 'is this really real?'. Gareth is expected to turn up anyway with the joke book and this amazingly orrible techno backing track. As we are really struggling we hope John, Steven and Brett will come up with a,' retired Abba bloke lookalike stint'. No offence intended.

Tickets not selling well.

0930 Gary is now at the helm(nemesis sorted), following spells by Gareth and Brett aiming to hold Beluga at bay.

She's a bigger faster boat so we're relying on our tactical genius to hold position. The call to tack is misunderstood as a call for tea and the kettle goes on again. This triggers confusion as once again eight indecisive half asleep blokes work out what to drink.

Beluga appears from the mist as we skillfully miss the Lizard and search for the teabags. Not everyone who asked for sugar is happy. Beluga appears to be getting smaller.

Red watch came on 1200 - 1800hrs

Ken Allison, Blue Watch Leader,

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