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Crew member on GBR9793T Cheeki Rafiki

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Red watch came on 1200 - 1800hrs

The tussle with Beluga has got serious.

Blue watch want to be part of it, we can't decide whether we are on or off watch. The need for sleep and to be able to focus for the rest of the race drives people to the bunks.

With the mist outside, Gareth is watching the race with Beluga on Stevens tv. I doubt it was an expensive Tele as it only has one channel with a map on it. This shows where you were if you didn't know.

Lot's of tacks and things going on so the tea goes cold again.

The met office weather forecast for force 3-4 SE winds has left us struggling to make headway in variable breezes. Funny, they only live across the way in Exeter.

The light nr 1 head sail is not happy, flopping about as we desperately wish for gusts to take us to the breeze that always seems to be somewhere else.

Steven had a favourite winch handle, its been with him since the beginning. We just left it behind.

Learning point; lack of sleep, tea in left hand, winch handle in right hand, trying to make a phone call, bloke trying to multi-task; not a good combination.

The wind has now really gone on us.

Blue watch came on 1800 - 2200hrs

We are out running Beluga.

Joking aside, the Beluga is a heavier boat than Cheeki Rafiki which should be a faster boat in these conditions. The folks on Beluga are doing a really sound job and must be equally focussed on us.

The wind stays light, and this becomes sailing by numbers and feel, shrouded in mist. Moving around stealthily, all very quiet.

By 2130 we are over 5 miles ahead of Beluga and working out what we need to do to beat some ahead on handicap.

The wind fills in from east, pushing us in towards the coast. Gareth gives contingency instructions in case this continues. This involved a different tacking sequence to get us around Start Point.

We have phone signals now after nothing since Scotland. Lots of calls are made to loved ones

Red watch returned 2200- 0200hrs.

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