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Crew member on GBR9793T Cheeki Rafiki

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Red watch 1800 - 2200

Blue watch 2200 - 0200

Red watch 0200 - 0500

Full Crew 0500 - finish 0614hrs and 4 secs

The force six kept coming at us all night from the east, with a few gusts at force 7.

This was not as chaotic as the storm all those days ago up north but the sea state, with wind against tide off the IoW, made for challenging helming and impossible snoozing.

The biggest mistake of the evening was going for soup for our evening meal. With the stove jumping off its gimbel and the spoons jumping out of the draw, this chicken delicacy was nearly wallpaper..

Thankfully the gas held out and as a final gesture to avert the brewing mutiny, a further cup of tea was produced.

Gary and Bret have clearly sorted their bedtime manners as Gary is no longer seen wandering the boat when off shift.

The repaired main has held although the stick on patches proved useless when wet. The solution was good old fashion stitches.

At 3am we were wrestling with the tide off St Catherine's point, appearing to go nowhere but gradually making ground. In the bunks sleep was impossible with the relentless crashing of the boat as it powers through the waves.

We send a position report to RORC from St Catherine's point. Not a requirement but it feels right..

At 0500 the boat is buzzing (humming too) as we scramble to make sure we know the finishing instructions.

We're on a surfing run down the Solent trying to remember which side Cowes is on.

It's 2miles to go and Steve is at the helm. We're not even going to try the spinnaker, its about the only thing we haven't trashed and now would not be a good time.

We can see the finish line now. What a silent boat.

Steve is looking out for Snowden and Trinity to our Port.

We pass snowden, and goose wing towards the ferry.

Huge tide running past Trinity.

We have finished.

That's it.

Love it!

Cheeki Rafiki - RBI 2010

Gareth Glover -Skipper. Blue watch

Steve Hacking. Red watch

Ken Allison. Blue watch leader

Nick Denyer. Red watch leader

Gary Perry. Blue watch

John Rutherford. Red watch

Martyn Gates. Red watch

Brett Williams. Blue watch Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device

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