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Crew member on GBR100 Artemis Ocean Racing

We have certainly had an epic first day of this edition of the 7stars RBI.

It seems like the wind has not been down below 30 for the whole trip so far!we have 30-34 at the moment with boat speed sat in the low 20's.

We are due east of the Flamborough head and making great progress to thenorth. Its very hard to type as the boat bucking around so much. The seastate is appalling, as we have been in very shallow water, so hopefully itwill get a little bit more pleasant soon.

We had a fantastic full moon last night which helped things as we rompedthrough the sandbanks off Kent. This morning bought with it wind farms, oilrigs and plenty of ships to contend with, we have been fairly busy!

I think we are all looking forward to an ESE in the conditions, howeverthis doesnt look very likely for at least 24 hours.

Ok, better go, wind just has hit 37!!

Cheers, from Jonny and the boys on AOR2

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