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Crew member on GBR9357T CV8 Hull & Humber

This morning was a grey one in Cowes. The final preparations on boardHull and Humber were undertaken in very grizzly conditions. A distinctmixture of excitement and apprehension was in the air, and even thoughthe race route had been reversed to avoid boat-shattering conditions,the forecast promised some big winds. After fuelling her up and awarming lunch of soup on the deck we set sail around one o'clock.

The start was very exciting. Not fifteen minutes in we'd already seentwo shredded spinnakers and two snapped masts. Nerves were entirelydispelled with the competition and excitement - the race start was oneof the most exciting things I've ever experienced. The picture of thevast fleet racing out of Cowes is one I shan't ever forget.

Edinburgh Inspiring Capital has been in sight thus far. The downhill,sailing has been wonderful and the smile on Patrick's face at the helmquite something as he surfed Hull & Humber down the waves at 15.5 knots.We are currently having our first dinner of the race, gazing at thebeautiful white cliffs of Beachy Head with a glorious sunset. Mildseasickness aside, I couldn't be more delighted to have decided topartake in the Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland Yacht Race - this isgoing to be a great ten days!

Josephine O'Hare, 22, London, Student

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