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Crew member on GBR1429L British Soldier

Day 2 - Tue 24 Aug 10, 0225 hrs

Just cut the corner of Goodwin Sands with 1.5m under the keel - plenty! Great sailing so far; all downwind and not much below 10 knots. Max speed so far 15.2 knots. Mostly reaching and poled out jib downwind. Have just taken down the kite which was good stuff going past Dover. In the past 12 hrs we sailed 116 miles at an average speed of approx 9.6 knots. Hoping to do about 230 miles in the 24 hrs. Boil in the bag for supper - thank heavens for Army ORP! Everyone well and enjoying the sleigh ride. Slightly concerned when I noticed that starboard watch had cornered someone from port in the aft cabin...

Next update off Lowestoft.


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