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Crew member on GBR93 Concise 2

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I had hoped to get some great pictures of Concise at the start of the 1,800mile Seven Stars Round Britain and Ireland Race but to quote Robbie Burnsthe best laid plans of mice and men often go astray.

Prior to departure I had given the crew one of my now famous pep talks.Famous that is for my brevity and their lack of attention. I reminded themthat it was safety first at all times, to look out for each other and thatthe race was 1,800 miles, be cautious, but there was a record up for grabs.

It was blowing 25 knots, gusting 30+, with some really nasty short seas asthe boats crossed the line off the Royal Yacht Squadron, Cowes. I foundmyself struggling to get anything out of my trusty Nikon, too many saltwater soakings over the last few years had finally done for it.

By the time I got the reserve camera out, Concise 2 was charging down thenorth side of the course under spinnaker, heading for the eastern exit ofthe Solent, surfing past boats left, right and centre. I chased after herfor about 35 minutes but realised that this wasnt exactly Smartboatconditions and it was going to be hell getting back. Reluctantly, I turnedround and headed for the Hamble. Looking over my shoulder I could just makethem out, spray flying high. It left me thinking that over the next 9 daysor so there was going to be some buttock clenching moments.

Tony Lawson

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