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Crew member on GBR93 Concise 2

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An occluded front past us an hour back, so we've reefed in and out untilnow the skies are clearing again. But the wind has shifted to the NW,making our progress north slow considerably as we punch through a livelysea state. It is wet on deck. Already there are 'waterproof' socks hungup to dry and grimaces to be seen when it comes to putting on wet boots.We are just passing Tom Dawson's home town near Newcastle. He says weshould stop for some fish and chips.

0100 25 August 2010

The breeze swings left and we use it to inch West of North as best wecan. Tonnere can be seen on the AIS, just on our port quarter. Their IRCstyle boat is catching us in these upwind conditions.


The wind shifts back to the right and stabilises, and our heading veerswith it. Our track on the screen resembles a drunken swagger -if onlythat meant we had some whisky onboard! It is getting very cold on deck.


We have passed Edinburgh on the left and Denmark on the right. The seastate is reducing somewhat, although every few minutes there is a nastyshort one that launches us into the sky to fall down with a thunderousthud.

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