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Crew member on GBR100 Artemis Ocean Racing

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Another grey morning in the north sea! We have about 145 miles to go now toMuckle Flugga and I think we are all looking forward to getting into somelighter conditions.

We are fully upwind, and the boat has been slamming really hard all night.Its pretty hard for the helmsman to pick the waves right and avoid thelarge potholes that are nicely hidden behind some of the waves.

The wind is between 22-30, so right on our crossover for the jib. Every timewe feel a bit slow, and the boat is not heeled enough, you get a massiveincrease in breeze, and if we had changed would be totally on our ear, so weare also waiting for for some more stable conditions.

We are pretty happy with our position for now with 12 or so hours to thecorner where we hope we can stretch our legs a little. The race has beenvery fast and intense up until now, and its amazing to see how muchdistance we have covered already.

Last night we sailed past the latitude of Edinburgh, which is both the homeof our sponsor Artemis and the port of registry of the boat. It had takenjust over 24 hours to get to this point, and would have been tempting to popin for a cup of tea and some friendly faces!!

We are now level with Ducansby head and the very top of Scotland, about 59north - so we are getting there. The temp is down already and more and morelayers are going on. I think everyone is pretty tired now, and we are allwaiting for a change in conditions. There is not so much water coming overthe deck (as I type that a massive wave has nailed Mikey helming - ooops)which is good.

We are struggling a bit to make water, so Gareth and I will have to have acrack at that on the next offwatch. Typical as everything was working finebefore the start! Always the way.

The boats got that lived in smell now, which is nice! I dont have asleeping bag, so have not got out of my oilskins yet, mmmmmm. Pretty sure Iam going to win the 'golden blanket' award, so I going to push for a record,no point fighting the inevitable!

ok, thats all for now,

Cheers, from Artemis Ocean Racing

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