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Crew member on NED7576 La Promesse

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.... the repairs.

We smashed down and had to release all sheets to get her up her pumps

again. 2nd spreader punched a hole in the main. Just too late with the

main sheet and steer correction.

Code0 furled.

First reef in main.

Code0 up again.

Time to make this final plan that we carried out:

Code0 furled.

Genoa up.

Main down.

Wrestle trough 80m2 main to find the hole.

Dry the cloth, ungrease.

Glue patches on (both sides).

Thanks for this super strong and sticky repair cloth, Ian!

Main is up again.

Doing an average SOG of 12+kts with peaks of 20+ on gps.


2 baguettes, well deserved; Prawns/Brie (Bart) and Gruyere/Tuna (JanKees).

Bumpy start.

Lesson learned;

1. lee of Wight

2. should have set one reef in the lull of No Man's Fort

Spectacular sailing now on huge waves!


BTW Floris, we haven't seen any Opti's here yet.

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