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Crew member on GBR1702T Scarlet Logic

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The Sailing Logic crew on Scarlet Logic are currently just off Eastbourne,

and are leading class IRC2 and are 5th in IRC Overall at the present time.

Crew member Simon who has self-appointed himself as the onboard media

representative, and has authored all the previous blog posts has continued

to send us race updates - so far their top speed has been 20.7 knots

whilst goose-winging! Phenomenal! Ross commented this is the equal fastest

the boat has ever gone!

Ross reports that they had the kite up for the start and were first over

the line. They watched British Soldier broach about 10 times, so Scarlet

opted for the poled-out headsail and are making fast and controlled


Simon reports "Still hitting 19 knots surfing down waves in the sunshine.

Lots of white water all around. Nearly lost my fingers feeding Ross a

sandwich as he couldn't take hands off the wheel. Just hit 20.1 knots

again. Brilliant toffee and walnut cake thanks to Barry's wife! On our

way towards Royal Sovereign lighthouse J"

The crew have been preparing all summer for the 1800 NM circumnavigation

of the British Isles, which is estimated to take 12-14 days. Saturday

afternoon was spent prepping the boat and loading up two-weeks worth of

food, which Simon remarked 'looked as though they have loaded an entire

supermarket on board!"

The 11 adventurers consists of Skipper Ross Applebey and first mate Mark

Burton, joined by Barry Holman and Richard Walsh (both of whom are

experience offshore racers, have completed the Fastnet Race amongst others

previously with Sailing Logic), Timmy Becker, known to burst spontaneously

into song on board to lift morale, Jess Fries, Jen Linkova & Martin Ziacek

who joined us for the Spring Series as well as some new faces to Sailing

Logic including Simon Moffat and Helen Ruud and last minute crew-recruit

Iain Randall who completed the Round Britain and Ireland race with Sailing

Logic in 2010.


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