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Crew member on GBR8191R British Soldier

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British Soldier RB&I Race Report 3

As at 1900hrs Monday 11th August:

So we're sailing along the English Channel downwind with 2 reefs and the 3.5 up, topping out at around 17 knots boatspeed, seeing wind speeds of 25-34 knots. The A5 was huge fun for the first few hours of the race but we couldn't carry it when the wind piped up to 30 knots.

It's been a mixed bag today; Craig unfortunately couldn't join us, due to a last minute commitment, and we're having to stop at Dover quickly to drop Andy at A+E as he has a dislocated shoulder after a heavy broach. So, we're down to 5 now, really disappointed to lose Andy and Craig but hoping that no more will leave us...!

We had a couple (!) of interesting broaches that have put a small tear in the mainsail that we are going to fix. The skipper is happy though as with 2 less crew we can lose 70kg of drinking water on board! Down below is already smelling 'aromatic' but morale is high and we're all looking forward to turning left and heading for the top.

Will Naylor


British Soldier

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