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So finally at sea after the 22hr postponement, two tearfull good byes, and a low pressure system sitting on our head.

It didnt seem like the wind had abaited by the time we left the dock at 0800hrs so taking our motto to heart ('its a bloody long way, lets be sensible') we opted for a reef and the underappricated jib top instead of a bright pink kite. Although it would have looked fantastic against the backdrop of the VOR65s. It was a good call though as we watched numerous boats broach spectacularly as we were systemtically overtaken by Oman flying two hulls and sending spray EEVERYWHERE, and the VORs lead by SCA.

As we left the solent we were about to shake the reef whilst being watched by Beken of Cowes, but were quickly stopped by a gust of over 30kts. so we left it in... This was a great choice as when the helli crew popped around us, the downdraft was insane. All caught on GoPro as well.

Keeping the JT and 1 reef was a fantastic idea (as we still have it up) as we caught up a number of the smaller boats before rounding Dungeness at 1930 with 30-40+kts of wind in huge seas! This of course lead to whoops of joy and terror as the helm momentarially went light.

The rest was a bit of a blur as the Curry provided by Evaq8 was just divine. That and we didnt get much sleep dodging the windfarms and shallow areas.

Well, that what we've already been up to hopefully its plain sailing from now on... Doubt it though as there is another low incoming!


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