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Crew member on GER5555 Bank von Bremen

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Many greetings from the Bank of Bremen,

the first eventful 24 hours are behind us. The start was

just terrific. The backdrop of Cowes Regatta and a field with the well-

most spectacular ships has to offer at the offshore scene.

Under gennaker went out east to the Solent in 22 knots wind a

Bang interrupted our quick trip. Our bowsprit was broken in the middle of

the night!

It was improvised and soon in the meantime almost wind around 30 knots. We

had set the gennaker again.

In our first night we went in splendid Sailing conditions in cover the

coast. The full moon was witness to a

exciting head-to-head race with Haspa (Hamburg), we again within sight

had. Meanwhile, we have oil rigs around us had breakfast and

match on us to continue with the Haspa. Keep your fingers crossed!

The Round Britain Crew

Translate (Jens Oberbossel), sorry for my bad English !

THX, and the best greeting to England and the RORC

Mit nautischem Gru

Jens Oberbossel


"Das Wappen von Bremen" e.V.


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