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Crew member on GBR1702T Scarlet Logic

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At the end of day 2, Scarlet Logic are still leading Class 2 and have just passed Hull. Meanwhile the trimaran Oman-sail are on track to beat the course record having already rounded Muckleflugga - the most northerly point of the British Isles. And possibly the best named.

A number of retirees were announced yesterday as strong winds and big seas took their toll on less robust yachts. So far, Scarlet appears to be in good shape - with an onboard speed contest in place!

Crew member Simon reports "Last night, under a full moon we threaded our way through one outgoing and three incoming Dover ferries, they looked very massive compared to Scarlet Logic. With over 30 knots of wind we were surfing at around 16 knots when we ploughed into the wake of one of the ferries. Scarlet almost leapt out the water landing hard as she submarined into the next wave. A wall of water rolled along the deck into the main cockpit deluging the crew with explosive force. Ross hung on to the wheel, Scarlet shook off the water and we continued on.

A few moments later another we hardened up onto a power reach to pass inside Goodwin Sands. Sailing with the jibtop and one reef, a large wave lifted Scarlet and we surfed for some way throwing out a huge wall of spray to leeward. We touched an amazing 22.5 knots beating Ross's previous record for Scarlet of 21.5 knots!

We are now in sunshine, weaving our way through oil rigs off The Wash having passed a large wind farm of 30 turbines off Lowestoft. Eating cereal on the rail is no easy task in the 25 knots of wind we have now, it tends to blow off the spoon before reaching the mouth!

Having passed the Off Lowestoft Mark our next mark of the course is not until the Shetlands. We are seeing Fulmars and Gannets around us but no marine mammals yet"

Simon Moffat

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