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Blog entry Rare for 13th Aug 2014 - Time 18.20

Day 2 Tues

Day 2 The adrenaline from day 1 subsided and life on board started to find its routine. We rounded Lowerstoft with our focus on catching Scarlet Logic who had a 6-7mile lead during the first night. With rumb line reach we reeled them in as we navigated through the banks off Yarmouth. It seemed to take forever to finally pass them within a few hundred metres and then our courses diverged, as we went further inshore.

Late afternoon the front came through with a bad squall. We had timed to perfection the change from Jib Top to J4, so the effects of the 35knot blast were contained. A second front passed through and left us with 25 knots S/W, so at around 19.00 we finally got some colour in the sky with the pink A4 hoisted. Fantastic blast doing 16+ knots at times. By 10.30 the sky had darkened again so we dropped the A4 just in time for 30+knots with gusts. A great day for calling the sail changes !!

Day 3

Continued to make great progress up the Eastern cost of the UK. 25 knots S/W clocked left and around lunch time we found the low pressure system forecast. Big uncomfortable sea state with 30knots building to 37/38 made a tough afternoon as 2 reefs went in the main and we battled some really big breaking waves. With the wind clocking West and now NW we are in upwind mode trying to hold the rumb line to the Shetlands. Scarlet Logic has returned back in AIS range and has reeled us back in !!

Both the boat and ourselves are very damp. Off watch is spent cap napping on spinnaker bags on the cabin floor - its like sleeping in a washing machine....Looks like this is going to be the norm for a while now: Muckle Flugga 196 miles to go..


Ian and Conrad


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