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Crew member on GBR8191R British Soldier

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British Soldier RB&I Race Report 4

As at 0400 Wed 13 Aug.

It has been a busy 24 hours! The highlight was the run across the Thames Estuary very early Tuesday morning, where we hoisted the A5 spinnaker in 12 knots of breeze, only to enjoy a thrilling ride as it gradually increased to 28-29 knots knots. George stole the limelight with some inspired helming, keeping the boat 100% upright until we were forced to drop the kite when the tweaker line snapped. Despite us all having been on deck for 20 hours, with only 5 in number, and in 30 knots, the drop was perfect! We passed Lowestoft at 0800 and cracked a bottle of champagne for the most easterly point on the course - giving Neptune a measure as well. Since then we have endured multiple rainy squalls and winds from 8 - 30 knots - many sail changes/reefs. We're currently running in SW 20-30 knots in some very uncomfortable swell, but nonetheless making good progress - although 347 miles remain to Muckle Flugga. And with the future forecast not being particularly favourable our 6+7th man's water rations may well come in handy after all....



British Soldier

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