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6.15am on day4, and I awake to a gentle 12-15knot NNW, overcast but bright. A respite from the first 3 days of weather.

The first chores are completed this morning. Most importantly the cabin floor is now dry for the time being. A few assorted pasties, pork pies and the contents of 4 pints of cheesey milk walked the plank and now likely on route back to the UK via your next cod and chips !!

After 5 years of great service it seems Dubarry have activated the "Replace boots now" button. Bit of a problem, wet boots and socks or flip flops; how long does it take to develop trench foot? Needless to say the boat has developed an unpleasent odour.

Tracking North all day on the breeze. Sun has been out :) and as much drying as possible undertaken. 1600 hours, 100 miles to the turn. Waiting for the breeze to go North and then we will tack across. Weird we are now closer to Norway than the UK........ where's that navigator !!!!

As we approach the turn a big HELLO to James my nephew who is currently back in hospital due to cancer. Keep fighting little fella !!

If anyone can support our race fundraising for the childrens cancer charity CLIC Sargent that would be fantastic. or search Ian Hoddle on JustGiving. THANK YOU.


Ian & Conrad


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