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The wind in the North Sea on the race track did not follow the forecast and

has been reluctant to veer from NW to N as predicted. As a result we have

seen a number of boats pushing a long way to the right of the course as

they try to find the best route with the shortest distance to Shetland

(Scarlet Oyster, Rare and Relentless have all been pushing a long way N.

As I look at the tracker all three of the boats have tacked in the past 3

hours and all are following a track that is WNW and I am sure each will be

hoping for the promised wind veer so they get a lift on Starboard that

carries them into the windward mark at Muckle Flugga.

East of Shetland we expect the wind will veer to 020 until Midnight.

But then the swing will reverse and the wind will start to back round back

to 350 until 1000 on Friday. But after Midday on Friday we expect the wind

to start backing further round ending up at 240 sometime after 2200 on

Friday as a new low pressure system pushes down from Iceland.

By 2200 on Friday the new low will be centred 63 28.00N and 018 43.00W.

By 1300 on Saturday we expect this new low will have moved SE and be

centred on the Faroe Islands. This will be the dominant influence on the

race for Classes 1-3 producing a powerful SW flow around 20-25 knots.

See the charts on this page

All crews will be reviewing which is the making tack and trying to find the

best way up this windward leg.

After they round the top, the boats may have been hoping for another spell

of downwind, but as a result of the low pressure system that is approaching

from Iceland they will have to wait a bit for that. This low will push the

wind into a Southwesterly direction from Friday evening to Saturday

evening. After that as the low moves further E we expect the wind to start

veering again and the boats will be reaching past the Western Isles of

Scotland before a further veer and a return to downwind sailing.

Chris Radford

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