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Crew member on SWE1929 SCA

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Game on.

A while back someone came up with the phrase: there is no I in team. Well,

this phrase still stands true today and could not be truer than here on

board Team SCA. Together, we live with little sleep, together we bail out

the boat, together we get doused by waves, together we get up and attempt

to get dressed quickly, together we eat for energy, together we sail fast

and hard. Together, we gain mile after mile on Alvimedica and Dongfeng.

If, for one minute, we worked independently this race would be in vain. We

need our watch partner and our other crew mates to keep us focused and to

get us through the often incredibly long watches and short off watches.

When the wind dies and it becomes too easy to lose focus, or when we have

to grind for 2.5hours straight, we need our team members to keep pushing

us. Of course we each bring different skills to the table, but our skill

sets could not flourish if we did not work as a team. This could not have

been more true than today.

From here on out, in the Seven Star Round Britain and Ireland Race our

timing is crucial. We are currently sailing in the waters of Rockall and

Shannon, according to the BBCs Shipping Forecast.

"It becomes quite tactical as we gybe down the west coast of Ireland.

There will be about one hour between each gybe," Libby explained. Onboard

SCA we can make massive gains and capitalize on other teams losses during

this tricky time.

Over the course of the night we have become neck and neck with Alvimedica,

they are to the east of us off our starboard side, now we are only 3nm

ahead and Dongfeng is about 3nm away down the track ahead of us.

"Alvimedica went offshore so we gained miles on them there," Sam said.

"Currently, we are heading towards the most north west tip of Ireland,

where we will begin a gybe off down the coast."

With three teams incredibly close at the moment, timing and teamwork will

be everything today. There is a buzz in the air, you can see the girls

smiling, and hear the occasional laugh so there is no doubt the girls are

loving their job, the race, and most importantly their team.

Oh, and we are about 660nm away from the finish line back in the Solent

thats just one lap around the Canary Islands!!

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